Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Well I got what I wished for so what did I expect?

I didn't expect hail and wind like that yesterday.   Just a typical little rain storm.   It was NOT like that at all.   The rain kept coming in waves.   The wind howled at times and then would stop and then yes a lovely hail storm later in the evening.   I have photos but will have to post them later.

So since I received my wish for the rain to stay awhile maybe I should wish for something else.    I wish I would just drop 20 lbs overnight.


  1. I like your kind of thinking! :) If it works, I will have you make a wish for me, k?

  2. I agree if it works let me know cause I could stand to loose a few pounds. LOL ;)

  3. It did look like you all had quite a few storms. Look forward to seeing the photos!