Thursday, October 7, 2010

Remind me to never mop the floor again

Yep that is what I am thinking this lovely morning.   No more mopping.   Who cares how sticky, muddy, and dirty it gets.   Ok I do but after yesterday I am thinking that way.   I started mopping the kitchen and saw around the fridge that the baseboard was pulling away from the wall.   OH, OH...NOOOOOOOOO.   Yes there is a small leak from one of the hoses going to the ice maker.   There is so much more to the story including tree trimming, 2 trips to Lowe's, a flat tire on my car, and a friend who came over to help out.   Currently I have water to the house (YES!!!!!) but no water to the fridge so no leaking now, and the spare is on my car.   Let's hope today is better and less costly.

Pic from Tuesday during the day and then the hail storm at night.


  1. OH no! I hate when something like thay happens. Hope it all gets fixed. WOW that's some hail!

  2. Bummer....I know too well what you mean. It seems like when one this breaks something else has to also. It is never just one thing!

  3. That stinks about your fridge. Hopefully it gets fixes soon. I love the pictures of the hail and the storm.

  4. oh that stinks!!!
    Sorry honey!
    Thankfully it was caught before there was way more damage!