Monday, October 4, 2010

It's National Walk to School Day

Let's celebrate National Walk to School Day.   Who thinks up these days?  I really want to be part of that brain trust.

Anyway are you going to celebrate National Walk to School Day?   How would you celebrate?   I celebrated by walking  by local elementary school this lovely morning at exactly 6:04.   No one was there and I didn't see anyone else walking to school.   I just walked on by I mean the doors are locked and all.

So I encourage you to celebrate today and Walk with your child to school or take a walk with your sweetheart, dog, or friend and be sure and walk by a school.



  1. I drove Robert to school. Oops! I didn't know. It's too far for him to walk he normally takes the bus. I love the concept though. I'll need to go for a walk tonight since it's much cooler now.

  2. When is national "Ride in the back of your dad's dump truck to school day"?

  3. Since I don't have any children to walk to school, maybe I will take one of the fur babies out for walk this evening.

  4. I celebrated it too Jodi!! Walked 1/2 way this morning and ALL the way after school!! Of course, right when school was letting out we got hit with the "wind" portion of the storm!! LOL
    Hugs Girl!