Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today's post is all about the ten.   Wouldn't it be cool to be born today.  What a cool birthday.   I have a son with a 9/29/89 birthday which is soooooo helpful.   I might forget other wise.  Enough blah, blah, blah...

Top 10 things I enjoy doing.   Not in any real order and there are some I may leave off the list because I can't think of them off the top of my head.

1.  Spending time with my family.   A dinner in the backyard enjoying the weather and visiting is so near and dear to my heart.
2.  I enjoy church and church related activities.   I can't imagine my life without the gospel.   It does make me who I am.
3.   Travel of any kind.   I love the overseas exotic stuff who wouldn't but there is so much said for a road trip with someone you love.   Kick back see the scenery and enjoy the talk.
4.  Shopping with my daughter.   Yep she is my favorite to go with but my niece and a sil are a blast too.
5.  A bit of yard work    Not the heavy clean up stuff.  The planting and nuturing stuff is what I like.   
6. the feel of the yarn in my hands.
7.   Friends.   Laughing,eating, chatting, laughing, scrapping, shopping.   Doesn't lunches with friends just lift your soul.
8.   On the other side I love the solitude of watching the sun rise.   I love mornings.   I read, I walk, and breath.   Mornings are just glorious and I find it a good time to think on my own.
9.  Photos.   Not movies/DVD's.   The still captured moments.   Whether it be my own or of other people.
10.  Christmas music.   Call me crazy but they can play Christmas music sooner most of the time.   I really don't tire of it.   I don't like it all but my own collection is FABULOUS.

So that is it.   My tribute to 10/10/10.


  1. I love it Jodi... GREAT list of 10 on 10/10/10!!

  2. Loved reading your ten on 10-10-10. :)