Friday, October 1, 2010

Hello, Hello where are you fall?

You would think after living in AZ all of my life I would be used to summer and the fact that it lasts forever.   Nope I long for fall and start up around the 10th of Sept.   So of course this year we are still in the triple digits and well in to them and I am sick of it.   I want to open up the house in the mornings and fell the coolness and have the house smell fresh.   I want to walk in the mornings and not sweat within 3 minutes of being outside.    I want the go up north and see the leaves and I love the colors of fall.    So bring it on I am ready.

The picture above is taken in Utah up one of the canyons outside of SLC.   We were there about a year ago visiting E and took along the camera, talked and really enjoyed ourselves.   I really should put in a call to my aunt and go again.

I took on Karen's  challenge over at to blog everyday this month.   I hope I can do it.  Tomorrow I will post the links to everyone elses blog so if you want you can check them out.


  1. great photo Jodi!
    I can't wait for fall either!
    You would think is was spring with all the rain that we have in the forecast!

  2. So ready for some cooler temps. Next week is the week. The weatherman said so this morning! LOL! Keep your fingers crossed. ;)

  3. We are longing for cooler weather too! In fact I just ordered a vest and a jacket in anticipation of fall! Hopefully I can use them soon!

  4. Jodi... you blog is AWESOME... love the colors and the pics!! I am glad we are doing this challenge together! :)

    Have a good one!
    Love ya!