Friday, October 15, 2010

Five Friday Fun Facts Again

The grass story continues and here it is.   I found it funny that some of the seed on top of the sprinkler head had grown.   The grass has really come in nicely and fast this year.   A lot of water, a lot of sunshine, and a whole bunch of stinkin manure and you have winter lawn.

Back to the Friday topic though.   5 Facts about me.

1.  I lived in the same house all of my childhood.
2.  We (friends and I) to school almost everyday.   It was about a 1/3 of a mile to school and it was the biggest social hour ever.   We would hunt horny toads on our way home.  In the spring we would pick some of the wildflowers that grew up in the cracks and in the dirt lots that were waiting for houses.
3.  I hate scary movies.   Always have and probably always will.
4.  I love medical mysteries and other mysteries.   It is not a vacation or a get away without at least 2 books.
5.  I am not facing getting older very well.   I still feel like I should be in my mid 30's and just cant understand why I don't look that way either.


  1. Your grass look awesome, Jodi! I love that grass growing from your sprinkler. Your #5 I agree with 100%. I don't like getting old either. I'm feeling it these days and need to figure out how to make that feeling go away!

  2. Your grass loves very lovely. Jodi I think all women have issues with aging, I know even I have those issues especially because I thought I'd have children by now and I don't and I am not getting any younger. So I can relate.