Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rain, Rain, stay awhile

Though the rain cut my walk short today by about 2 miles (I choose to come home).   But I am so happy with the rain.   It is just beautiful. 

Today I want to share my latest layout for Scrapbook Doodle.   These are some of my favorite photos take by my lovely daughter up in the mountains near Salt Lake City.   Autumn is soooooooooooo gorgeous up there.    I love the colors, the chill in the air.   Add to it a great visit with my daughter while there.  I so want to take another trip up north.



  1. Cute layout, Jodi! Yes, I agree....rain..please stay. :)

  2. Fabulous LO! Absolutely rain please stay awhile!

  3. Jodi... this is one of my most favoritest layouts of yours!! Love the color combos and the photos... way cool!

    I love the rain too! :D

  4. great layout Jodi!
    Those photos of the two of you are great!