Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet the enemy

Yes my front yard has enemies.   Meet them.

Birds.   Birds right now are the biggest enemy that we have.   We planted grass seed this weekend to have a beautiful winter lawn.  But with it comes these....the enemy.   BIRDS.   They can drive a hubbie nuts.   This morning I was forced to sit out in 73 degree temps and enjoy 2 hours of walking and then relaxing time.   Now I know this sounds like a hardship but what can I say.   We want the seed to grow.  

I hope to have a post in about 2 weeks of my front yard with grass but if now you know who to blame....



  1. Oh the birds! We seeded ours two weeks ago and we have a thick new bed of grass and we had birds too. I am sure it will come in, but those birds will drive you nuts. I kept chasing them away! LOL!

  2. I know the feeling every year we have to keep the birds away too! I just send out out dogs and when they run into the yard barking the birds always scatter. LOL

  3. Sorry about the bird problem...that would make me pretty mad. Hope your lawn makes it thru :)