Monday, November 23, 2009

Sharing a few of my favorite things

Over the years I have been blessed with wonderful friends and family who have remembered our family with goodies, treats and gifts at the holiday times. Usually these are small gifts that we enjoyed eating or have still in the Christmas boxes in the attic soon to come down. Does it really matter how much is spent? Does it matter if the cookies and candy came on a small plate? I loved them all.

With that said I have invite you to follow this blog for the next few weeks and enjoy a few of the gifts that I have been given or brain storm up a few "less expensive" ( wouldn't want to say CHEAP) to share with your family and friends your thoughts about them. Some of these I will make and give myselfwhile others will just be links for ideas and more.

So let's start with something to keep you warm. I have received several of these over the years and they get used. How about 4 hot chocolate envelopes with a small baggie of marshmellows stapled together. Add a simple tag and topper. Staple again since it is quick and easy.

Now for the challenge. If you make any of these "little gifts" that will be posted over the next few weeks post a reply about it and your name will go in a drawing for a paper packet of Rusty Pickle White Christmas full of paper, stickers and more. Want to get double the draws make any of the upcoming "little gifts" out of Rusty Pickle paper and you will get double the chance. Don't have any Rusty Pickle again post in your comment or e-mail me at jeethington@ and I will send you a few Rusty Pickle scraps that will work for many of the upcoming projects.

My goal is to post something new every 2 to 3 days. There may not be anything new for some of you but it may jog your memory and make you think.

Oh.........Mistletoe for the next "little gift". It has a bit of a scrapbooking twist to it.